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Showcase 2030

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The challenge

Our society is at a turning point as we are currently facing the immense challenge to transform our industries, systems and socio-cultural practices to build a truly sustainable, inclusive and resilient future for our planet and society.

Such a transformation requires a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort among multiple stakeholders - from economic actors, to academia and our civil society – to rapidly scale up the implementation of already existing solutions in all industries, to develop socio-ecological innovation and tech when needed, and to redesign our behaviour and society's paradigms for a systemic change. Within this context, it is imperative to create spaces of interaction that foster fruitful exchanges, inspiration, dialogue and the development of new thinking between all stakeholders. This is the main motivation behind the creation of Showcase 2030.

more than 30

ambitious project showcased to make the world a better place.

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The solution

Showcase 2030 is an impact innovation summit that gathers an ecosystem of changemakers, from academia, businesses, start-ups, investors, large organizations, NGOs, policy-makers and the civil society, to engage in a collaborative, action-driven, multi-stakeholder platform to build a net-positive planet. The event is built around three main topics central to the current sustainability agenda: Climate Action, Nature & Biodiversity, and Equity & Inclusion.

« Showcase 2030 is an impact innovation summit that gathers an ecosystem of changemakers [...] »

The 2023 edition attracted more than 600 visitors of all horizons attending inspiring keynote sessions and workshops. The solution exhibition showcasing impact startups counted more than 30 ambitious projects to make the world a better place.

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